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About ProMade

Customer & Quality first

ProMade Industrial, Inc. distributes the line of rubber products manufactured by Tai Thai Rubber Co., LTD. Located in Downtown San Diego, California. We provide the warehousing service, logistic service, and sales of our rubber products. At ProMade, you won’t only find what you need; you’ll get the best quality at a fair price. With years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to thoroughly and efficiently serve our customers to ensure they’re never disappointed. Whether you’re a one-time buyer or looking to buy in bulk, you can count on us to provide great products and excellent service, every step of the way. Contact us to find the perfect product for your needs.


Story about Tai Thai Rubber

Tai Thai Rubber Co., Ltd. is a company established in 1973 in Taipei, Taiwan. Initially, we created auto parts and parts for the gas industry with 30 employees and 5 machines. In 1992, the first Thai rubber factory was established in China, with an annual operating income of about 1 million US dollars. Four years later, in 1996, it covered an area of 8,000 square meters, employed 400 people, owned 45 machines, and generated annual revenues of about $6 million.

In 2006, Tai Thai established a new factory in Chonburi Province, Thailand to increase our production capacity. We have 25,000 of land and complete production lines. Focusing on the rubber industry, Tai Thai Rubber has obtained ISO/TS16949:2009 certification. Today, the number of our customers has increased to more than 500 and the number of different goods has increased to more than 2000. With the motto of "customer first, quality first", Tai Thai Rubber continues to be your best partner in the rubber industry.


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Established company in Taipei, Taiwan.
Initially, Tai Thai created auto parts and parts for the gas industry, with thirty employees and five machines.


We established first factory in Chonburi with 25,000 square meters plant and completed production line.


Thailand’s factory was certified by ISO/TS16949:2002
Tai Thai Rubber focused on Gas
industries and automotive parts.


Tai Thai Rubber built our 2nd building.
In the same year, increase our clients to 80 companies.


Tai Thai Rubber 3rd building is finished.


Promade Industrial, Inc. was established in San Diego, CA. The exclusive distributor of all Tai Thai Rubber products in the US


Tai Thai Rubber 4th Factory Land will be finished in end of 2023.


• Increasing machine every year. (compression, injection, and CNC machines)
• Intelligent factory
• Electronic data control

Tai Thai Rubber Group

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