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About ProMade

Customer & Quality first

Welcome to ProMade Industrial, Inc., headquartered in Downtown San Diego, California. As industry leaders in distributing premium custom rubber parts and components, we offer a comprehensive suite of services, including expert mold design, precision mold manufacturing, and efficient warehousing. With years of industry expertise, our commitment to unparalleled quality and fair pricing makes ProMade your trusted partner for custom rubber solutions. Whether you're seeking one-time purchases or bulk orders, count on us for exceptional products and service at every step. Contact us to discover the ProMade difference in meeting your unique rubber component needs.


Guiding Philosophy

Innovation: Embrace a culture of continuous innovation, pushing boundaries to offer cutting-edge solutions in the rubber manufacturing industry.


Customer Satisfaction: Prioritize customer satisfaction as the cornerstone of our operations, striving to exceed expectations with every product and service.


Problem-Solving Excellence: Demonstrate a commitment to excellence in problem-solving, employing efficient and effective methods to address challenges and meet customer needs.


Quality Products: Maintain a steadfast dedication to delivering high-quality custom rubber parts and components, ensuring reliability and longevity in every product.


Efficient Services: Provide efficient mold design, manufacturing, and warehousing services to enhance the overall customer experience.


Adaptability: Remain adaptable to industry changes and technological advancements, positioning ProMade as a forward-thinking and agile player in the market.


Reliability: Build a reputation for reliability and trust, fostering enduring relationships with clients, suppliers, and stakeholders.

Long-Term Goals


Industry Leadership: Establish ProMade as a recognized industry leader in custom rubber solutions, known for innovation and quality.


Global Expansion: Expand our global presence, becoming the preferred partner for businesses seeking advanced rubber components worldwide.


Sustainable Practices: Commit to sustainable practices, integrating eco-friendly approaches into our operations and product development.


Technological Advancement: Embrace emerging technologies to continually enhance our capabilities in manufacturing, design, and service offerings.


Enduring Partnerships: Foster enduring partnerships with clients, suppliers, and stakeholders, built on trust, reliability, and mutual success.


Diverse Clientele: Cater to the evolving needs of a diverse clientele, ensuring ProMade is the go-to provider for premium rubber products and exceptional service.

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