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Our Main Products

Discover precision and reliability with ProMade's extensive range of high-quality O-rings, tailored to meet diverse sealing requirements. From standard to custom sizes, our O-rings, crafted from resilient materials, are engineered to endure even the most challenging conditions, ensuring consistently dependable seals.



At ProMade Industrial, Inc., our aim is to surpass your expectations with personalized and high-quality services. Delve into our diverse offerings, and feel free to reach out for more detailed information about any specific service.

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About ProMade

At ProMade Industrial, Inc., we uphold the highest standards of excellence, boasting a legacy in the industry since 1973. With a wealth of knowledge garnered through decades of experience as a premier Rubber Manufacturer, we consistently elevate our practices. Our commitment extends to supplying a diverse range of innovative products to both local and global enterprises, crafted with unparalleled precision and care.

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